The Aforementioned Announcement.

I am *just a little* giddy writing about this today.

mmmk. Did you remember that I have an etsy shop??:). I don't talk too much about that on here lately....mainly because this year has been full of little lives, and new life, and not-so-little moves across the country. However, I do still have my shop and I've been pleased to keep it stocked and to fill orders every now and then this year for typography prints as well as invites, custom work, etc. It's such a fun project for me!

Did you also remember that last year I filled my shop with Christmas cards and sought to use these designs to provide affordable, cute cards while simultaneously assisting adoptive families in fund-raising??
WELL, I'm excited to announce that I'm going to be continuing these efforts again this holiday season and expanding to design for Life Made Lovely Designs! I know you probably are not thinking about Christmas yet (I don't blame you), but you still have to go and check out the Life Made Lovely shop (which has been totally re-vamped as of today!) and meet Heather. There are lots of great products there!This year, 70% of the proceeds from Consider Lilies holiday card sales will benefit adoptive families, so keep this idea in the back of your mind for when you take that awesome Christmas photo that you decide to send to everyone you've ever met.

One last thing....if you are adopting or know someone who is adopting that may want to benefit from this, please contact me at laura.considerlilies@gmail.com.


  1. YAAAY. That's why I was trying to stalk you on Etsy a couple weeks ago. Glad you'll have Christmas cards again this year!