Here's the Thing.

I've been listening to Christmas music. Only just this one favorite gem of a Christmas album, but Christmas music nevertheless. Have you heard Rosie Thomas? I really, really....really love her.

But, as you may have gathered the other day, I felt I had a good excuse to pull out the festive tunes because I've been making Christmas cards! I have had such a fun time designing these and putting this whole little project together.
The thing is....my husband and I have had growing hearts for adoption for several years now. I used to work in foster care before we had kids, and we've both loved learning more about the doctrine of God's adoption as it relates to us and what a privilege it is for us as Christians to demonstrate His love by caring for orphans.
Soooooo, since we are not currently adopting, I got really excited earlier this year when I sensed God giving me the idea to do this little project in an effort to raise some funds for those adopting around me.

The idea is to provide a quality, cute card at an affordable price and share half the proceeds among several adopting families! (I'll introduce you to them all soon, but you can cheat and find out about one family today here!) To see all the cards, go here.

I have no idea what to expect, but I'm praying this gets a few orphans a little bit closer to home....that'd be thrilling:).

And guess what? Today is Orphan Sunday....check it out here.

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  1. Got to your blog from Sarah T - GREAT IDEA!!! such an awesome reminder that we all can play a part in God's love and desire for believers to care for orphans and the least of these!