Life + Levi's Room Tour

Life rolls on quickly.  The seasons are really changing here (fin.all.y.)....and a fresh sense of life abounds as the trees keep blooming and the sun makes more of an appearance from the looming Oregon sky. Anniversary, vacation, visits with family, June's exit from babyhood (i.e. she turned 2....ancient, I tell you). (More on that later).
We are all learning, growing, changing....living in the tension and mystery of this walk, day by day.  I often try to imagine these days from God's view....how much more they must be accomplishing than I can even see or know.

'Oh, my God
I feel it in my blood
the warming of the winter
the coming of the flood

Springtime song
born without the words
waiting for a flower
longing to be heard'

-Denison Witmer, one my ever-favorite songwriters....his newest is fresh off the press.

But, anyhow....I digress.  I really just got on here to post a link to APARTMENT THERAPY.....because I just love that site and because Levi's room was featured there last week:).  If you haven't been there and you give one iota about decorating, carve out a few hours (or days) before you proceed....and do so with caution....it's so inspiring.

Head over there to see a few more pictures and words about the space.
And let's be honest, most of the time (read: almost all of the time)....his room looks far more like this:

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I absolutely love the sitting area in his room! And I love that you post a pic of the "real" room.