Two years ago, one stormy night in Tennessee, precious 'lil June peacefully entered our family....
Being her mom is one of my greatest joys, and watching her grow this year has been so amazing.  

June-June, you are spunky, fearless, cuddly, sweet....you love to sing & wrestle & leap & laugh.
Lately, you are trying to learn a million words and are saying 'Hi' to everyone. Your blue eyes & curly hair & left-handed-ness still surprise me daily. You are starting to really want to be with Eadie Cate and Levi more than with just your mom.  (But you still let out a big holler if anyone else tries to cuddle with me:). 
You are a blessing to our family, & we LOVE LOVE LOVE you.

A few pics from our family schindig....


  1. She looked so much like Dave when she was born... What kind of dollhouse did you get her?

  2. Could she get any cuter? Looks like a super fun party. I remember the night she was born. Can't believe she's 2.