What a wonderful, wonderful whirlwind.
Grace upon grace....upon grace upon grace.

You know what I love about these photos, babe (old, unedited, and flawed)?
That our eyes look happy.
Because we are.
Infinitely undeserved, but so true.
Tainted by our sin, our shortcomings.....
but redeemed and lavished in boundless grace.

Thank you for making me belly-laugh everyday I can remember.
And, more than anything, for making me more confident and more in love with our Savior.
He looks bigger because of you.

"From the fullness of grace, we have received one blessing after another." John 1:16


  1. That was too sweet. Y'all are too dang cute. Can you tell I am catching up?:)

  2. that is just about the sweetest video ever! you can totally see the love between y'all. so precious. love it! i found your blog tonight through heather's home made lovely series. your home is beautiful! and your love for Jesus really shines through it, and in your family. :) blessings, lora