April, June.


We're well into April, and spring has arrived in Portland for sure.  During a recent visit from my dad & grandmother, we got to visit the Japanese Garden for the first time.  It was really so beautiful.

The whole family got to go, but June got the most attention from the camera that day.  The other two were very busy documenting treasures on their maps.  June will turn two soon, so I am thankful to get a few pictures of her at this stage.  She is always changing so much....as they all are.  It is so amazing to watch.

Today it changes from rain to sun by the hour.  We go out for small increments of sunlight...Levi practices his glide bike and Eadie Cate pretends to be a super hero.  And then we get back in when the clouds and rain come....

Enjoying spring....hope you are as well....

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