Well, May came and went like a breath.....
and besides the fact that I'm still wearing a SWEATSHIRT, it was swell.  
Here's a few pics from the month....
(be still my heart.)

(sibling love at the coast.)
(my boys at the beach.)
(view of NY skyline on my way home from TN.)
(baby in a box.)
(memorial day at hood river.)

(I made a little video from the footage we took at the river.  It was a sweet little moment just letting the kids run around and watching all the kite surfers.  Bliss.  Forgive the blurriness.  I need to get better at the manual focus....and figure out how not to lose so much quality on vimeo.  any who....)


  1. I miss these kids:). And I love your cute music!

  2. Thank you Laura! I just loved seeing the kids running and little June enjoying the grass. I also like the music! Fun, sweet pictures. We love and miss you, Aunt Marilyn

  3. I can picture my babies with your babies playing by the water in their fleece jackets wind blowing in their hair. it's gonna be great!