Look up.

O heart bereaved and lonely,
Whose brightest dreams have fled
Whose hopes like summer roses,
Are withered crushed and dead
Though link by link be broken,
And tears unseen may fall
Look up amid thy sorrow,
To Him who knows it all

O cling to thy Redeemer,
Thy Savior, Brother, Friend
Believe and trust His promise,
To keep you till the end
O watch and wait with patience,
And question all you will
His arms of love and mercy,
Are round about thee still

Look up, the clouds are breaking,
The storm will soon be o'er
And thou shall reach the haven,
Where sorrows are no more
Look up, be not discouraged;
Trust on, whate'er befall

Remember, O remember,
Thy Savior knows it all

- Fanny Crosby (words)

I'm not feeling too 'bereaved and lonely' this morning, but the promises in this song are such a sweet reminder of our Savior's care and love....even in my petty trials.  Perfect for a Monday morning.  Let's do this!


  1. Oh I love this! Thanks for sharing it. I love the last line...Thy Savior knows it all. Such a comfort :) Blessing to you on this Monday!

  2. This was so beautiful, and so fresh and precious for me to read today... thank you so much for posting.