The Whole Fam-Fam.

Before we left town, we were able to have a (photographer) friend over for dinner to hang out and snap some pictures of our whole little family. It was really laid back (in the five-kids-running-around sense of the phrase) and such a treat to have some family pictures. We were thinking of using the backyard, but it started raining and we decided to just take them in our house and on the front porch. Now that we've left the house behind, it's pretty fun that our family pictures were taken there!


  1. love love love the photo of you and Dave!!!

  2. great photos!
    ditto to what ST said - great moment captured there! It's a keeper!

  3. That pic of you and Dave... wow I love it. Y'all are so cute and so in love, it just radiates from you. Inspiring my friend, inspiring!