In the same way we take the food we eat and make it into something the baby can eat (and our bodies simply do this without us willing them to), so we take what we believe about God and the gospel and faith and life, and we apply it in the places that seem too little for it...

Trust God, give thanks. Laugh. Believe — and that will feed your children. Rest in God, and your children will learn to. Extend God’s kindness to you, to them. Forgive them the way God forgave you. You have everything you need to spiritually nourish your children, because you have Christ."

Rachel Jankovic at Desiring God

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  1. That was so good; thank you for sharing Laura!

  2. Happy Birthday big guy

  3. Ahh the matchbox cars... a little boys best friend. I find them everywhere. So great Laura thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Happy Birthday my little Levi. Hope you liked the cars. I cannot believe you are already 2 years old. LOVE YOU, CACKI