Two years ago today, this happened:
To celebrate, we headed over the coast for a day trip on Saturday as a family. We checked out the Tillamook Cheese Factory and then headed to the beach to fly a kite and put our toes in the sand. De-lightful.
Then, it was back to the house for dinner and cupcakes in the backyard. Here they are waiting patiently....
Love my little man. You are such a gift to us, Levi!!


  1. Levi is a very special gift to me also!!! My how you are growing ..... MUCH LOVE,HUGS AND KISSES, Cacki

  2. OH!! It makes me to sad to see him turn 2 on here and know we won't see him turn a year older in person again!! :(
    What a beautiful way to celebrate a birthday as a family-- a day trip to the coast- I am jealous!

    Happy birthday Levi!

  3. What are you eating in the first photo?

  4. Is he seriously already two?? Your family is so precious, Laura. Looks like Levi had a great birthday!

  5. I just love that little guy! Very methodical, serious and gentle personality.
    Thomas Smith