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Greetings from the Northwest! The longer I have put off a blog update, the harder it has become to try and fill in the gap, but here goes nothing. All in all, things have gone so well and we are starting to feel settled in! I wish I had a few more pictures to commemorate the transition, but I have to admit (though it's hard, since I hear it all the time from random onlookers), my hands have been full of babies and boxes....and not the camera. I guess I could just highlight a few things that might be fun to remember years from now....

-I just haven mention that our last days in K-ville were chaotic bliss. I will never forget them! We were able to close on our house several days before take-off, so we stayed with friends for several days, had an awe.some. goodbye party, shed plenty of tears, and added to our list of great K-town memories. Nothing about that week made it easier to say goodbye....but it was surely sweet.
-The weather here has been incredibly awesome. It's mid-August and the azaleas are blooming and there are butterflies. I haven't broken a sweat since I got here (except for actually exercising). We haven't seen a drop of rain and the sun beats down 'midst the breeze in the most refreshing way....there has been lots of porch sittin' and open doors.

-The kids have done well. There have been some sleepless night and early mornings, but they have barely noticed the change. Eadie Cate is having a blast, Levi just plays with cars all the time and is a happy guy, and June is just changing all the time (today we are weaning from the swaddle habit....it's always something). They are just going with the flow....I think the full adjustment will come more quickly for them than for anyone.

-Dave is on Day 3 of the new job and is really enjoying it so far. Pretty awesome considering the big move. I'm so glad he likes it! Although, it was pretty sweet having him to myself for three weeks. I could get used to that!

-We have ventured downtown a couple times and really enjoyed it....one night we ate here and topped it off here with some new friends who have been so, so kind to us. Megan is from South Knoxville (whoa, I know) and she and her family attend the church we are starting to attend here.

-We've gotten lost a few times, including this past Sunday morning when we missed our exit and ended up in the world's largest biking event/race ever. Thousands and thousands of bikes. The stereotype is true!

-Our new house is such a blessing. We are renting for one year in a place less than two miles from Dave's job. It is SO close. He can even come home for lunch! (Yessssss.) It is spacious and very suburban, so that's new. I'm really thankful for how it's worked out.
-Dave's cousin and his wife let us crash with them for a whole week until our stuff arrived. They were amazing! They live less than two miles from us as well. Can't wait to keep spending time with them. (Isn't it amazing that Dave has family a mile from his new job? God knows what He's doing, folks.)

-We took one half-day trip out and about to see the Columbia River and part of the gorge. Things got crazy with the kiddos, so we had to abort....but it was beautiful. I'm pretty excited about all there is to explore around here.
-Beyond that, the craziness is starting to mellow and real life is setting in. I don't really like thinking about how far I feel from friends and family at times....but I guess that's just part of it. Sometimes I walk in the wrong direction to the fridge cause I think I'm at the old place.....sometimes it feels like we will be running into our friends soon.....but everything is new and different. Trying to embrace it....and so glad to see His goodness all over it.


  1. Love you sweet friend - love being able to somewhat picture your life there. Miss you lots and I am praying for you guys.

  2. Is that a three car garage? It doesn't look like you at all, but I think there may be room for us to come for a visit :) love you!

  3. You my friend are going to love it. I can not think a more perfect place for the Mann family. I do hate its clear across the country from the holman's but friend we are just a plane ride away. I love you and enjoy the space. You got 3 kiddos remember :)

  4. Wonderful! So glad things are reaching "normalcy" there for you guys. Dave is nicely groomed with short hair going to work in corporate America and you guys have moved to suburbia. What's the world coming to? We love you guys!
    Thomas and Honey Smith