Saying Goodbye...

I snapped a few pictures of Eadie Cate & her girly room this weekend before we make another change and she shares a room with her brother. In so many ways, I feel like we were just painting this room to get ready for her arrival...

But now it's time change things up....and create a space for these kids to share. I can't wait to see how they do together and, although there will probably be less sleep for everyone involved, I hope they make some fun memories together.


  1. I love that my kids share a room! While sometimes there are fights, it has brought them so close. I love hearing the conversations that go on at night. It is sweet. Ella and Olivia want the younger two to be in their room also, but there just isn't enough room for that.

  2. What a pretty room. I'm glad I got a peek today. I have a little 3 year old and now I'm sooo inspired ;)