I feel like I could title 60 blog posts lately "Snow Day" or "Sick Day." It's winter for sure around here! We are a one-car family right now (as of last week...bye bye Subaru), so staying home and hibernating is the theme of our days. I can't pretend that I don't really like it though....it's peaceful being home, having time to make an extra cup of coffee in the afternoon for no reason and having space in the day to think, "I'll start a quilt." Believe me, that doesn't happen often.
Dave's home sick today (along with 'lil Levi), so amidst the resting and quilting, Eadie Cate's been making an entire sea of pillows to run on, read on, laugh on. It's a recurring sight in my living room this week, and I love how she is really beginning to create her own favorite ways to play and pretend. In reality, it often involves her acting like a (dreaded word coming.....) *princess* and hosting all of her pretend friends to a picnic or bossing them around. I have no idea where she gets this stuff, but so much of it is so endearing to watch & and I'm thankful I get to see it. Truthfully, my days are a balancing act of correcting & training her rightly, getting impatient, and then trying my hardest to eat up every sweet & tender thing she does before she grows a second older.

G'day, friends!


  1. one car times are sweet for sure... challenging in their own way, but really, having to stay home makes life alot simpler.

  2. totally agree with one car. We have done it since Ella was born except for a very short couple of months. I personally like it better than 2 cars. But we had to buy another one since JT wouldn't get rid of his truck. Which is fine. One is a family car and the other is his toy.
    I tried to avoid the whole princess thing, but it won over. I just look to the what a princess is suppose to be, kind and loving to all. I have enjoyed watching the girls dress up and have tea parties and thankfully they haven't grown out of it.