Monster for the Little Man.

I thought I'd share this easy idea for a handmade stuffed animal. I kept seeing similar versions of these stuffed monsters online and they looked pretty doable. I've had a harder time coming up with ideas for things to make for Levi, so I really enjoyed getting to create something for him. Not that he necessarily will ever care:).

Aaaaand, the make-your-own version cost me less than five dollars instead of $15 or $25. You'll need about 1/3 yard felt for the body, and two or three sheets of colored felt ($.29) for the features, and matching embroidery thread.

Anywho.....you basically cut out two identical pieces of felt in the shape of the monster (I did this freehand since the shape is so simple). Then cut out two eyes and a mouth (or whatever features you want) and place them on top.
Topstitch the eyes and mouth on the top piece of the body. Then turn the monster front and back so that the right sides are facing each other. Stitch around the body, leaving a 1/2" in or 5/8" seam. Don't forget to leave a large enough opening to turn the body inside out (I left one of the legs open).
Then, just stuff the little guy up with lots of polyester or cotton fill and hand stitch around the legs with matching thread. I stitched around the open leg and the closed leg just so they'd match.
Just. like. that. Isn't he cute?
And speaking of cute.....guess who took some steps this week?


  1. he has changed so much since Christmas! i see a little more of dave in this picture. what a cutie!

  2. I will definitely be doing this for Judah. So cute! and Levi is soooo cute. I have a special place in my heart for that kid ever since I held him that whole weekend after he was born:)

  3. I am totally making some "monsters" like this for our little one! Thanks for the idea!

  4. adorable! Sent this link to friends that have little ones that will surely enjoy one of these! Thanks for sharing!

  5. laura, i don;t know how many times i have made stuffed animals out- cute ones i may add-for the kids just like this. and they seldom look or play with them. i am convinced i do it only for myself to glance up on the their shelves...and dust them once in a while.
    but when we have a thrid----whenever that might be--i will change all that. i will make him/her become addicted with a stuffed toy i make by throwing it in the crib with him/her at 5-7 months. right around that time whatever is in the crib with them, will most likely be their lovely. it worked for both our kids.