Proud Mama.

I know this is probably totally normal.....but I got pretty pumped when I came home from church and saw this on the mantle. Dave stayed home with the kids and apparently taught Eadie Cate to attempt writing her name! I've never really tried to get her to write a letter, much less her name....
Watching your kids grow up is pretty amazing. Priceless little moments.


  1. That is so great! Molly's teacher writes words in a highlighter and Molly traces over the letters in a different color marker. I've never seen that before and we've been doing lots of practicing. Her progress is great! Way to go, EC!

  2. Hey, Laura! Greg showed me your blog, and I love it. I loved getting to see a glimpse of your precious family!

    Kim Kirby

  3. Impressive, EC!
    Mike's all about teaching Clara Lou new stuff, too. I love it.