Well, things have been slow and steady around the homestead....but not too much to share. I thought I might give a little round-up of some things I've enjoyed in my Google Reader here recently instead of a home post.

Dave and I watched this, which I heard about at Radical Womanhood. I really enjoy documentaries, but usually don't watch ones this old. It was a really interesting glance into the church during the Civil Rights Movement.
A little post about trials and suffering at Night Song. The truth in this quote, admittedly, makes me feel weak with much to learn. It's something I want to know in my bones, though....good stuff.

A great, concise, humble set of thoughts on the pill and Christianity from Kevin DeYoung.

I have a plan for the kids' room at this point, but I just keeping thinking about scrapping it all and doing this. Cute, huh?

I really enjoyed this article on being a mother of young kids and Bible-reading by Molly Piper. Check it out if you'd like some encouragement in this area.

And we're not really doing valentine's this year....but these sure were cute, all featured on PaperCrave.

That's all for now....hope you're having a wonderful week!

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