December is Here.

It's the first of December and the snow flurried down all morning....
I happened to wake up early enough to go grocery shopping by myself while the sun rose and the flakes came down....and let's just say grocery shopping in solace + festive weather is plenty to make this gal merry & bright.

And it's all just in time for this year's Family Tree Night....so my agenda for the rest of the day is to package my complete Christmas card orders, make a holiday banner for my mantle, get some chili in the crock-pot, prepare some cookie dough for baking with EC, iron the stockings, and enjoy some family time:). That may be more stuff than I've done in a month!:)....but it makes me so thankful not to be STARVING and puking anymore. God gives grace...and He has been so good to me this pregnancy.

Happy December, all!


  1. We are doing our tree tonight too. I can't wait to see what you make for your mantle(if you post about it)!

  2. Yay for no puking! I just want to stop now.

  3. That's my fav... Getting up really early starting the coffee and going to the grocery store alone. There's just something about it. Glad you are feeling better friend!