DIY Fall Wreath

I am digging the ruffle trend I see everywhere these days, so when I decided to change out the wreath on the door for fall, ruffles seemed like the thing to do...

For starters, collect all of the items below. For the ruffles, I bought some colored felt and whipped them out on the sewing machine (this takes just a couple of minutes) to the desired length.
Then start wrapping the wreath base in yarn (it will take less time if the yard is thicker) and glue it with craft glue on the backside as you go. After that, place your ruffles where you want them and glue them down in the back as well. Affix your little bird and your done!

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  1. Fun! My friend did these... http://sweeterthancupcakes.blogspot.com/2010/01/yarn-wreath-tutorial.html