Old Stuff is Good Stuff.

Last weekend, my sweet husband watched our kids (and a little football:), while I got to grab a pumpkin latte and head to the Clinton Antique Fair with my dear friend Mary Gene. This is the third time we've been together; it's a tradition that I have nooooo intention of giving up on any time soon!
The weather was BEAUTIFUL (if you can't tell from that blue sky up top), and there was TONS of great old stuff.
Mary Gene and I have been friends since early high school in Memphis, and in God's sweet providence we've both ended up in Knoxville now! It was so fun grabbing soda-fountain-shop cheeseburgers together, reminiscing about middle school travesties, recounting Truth, & sifting through old junk. I am so blessed to have her as my friend!! (Our other friend, Lindsey, would have been with us if she wasn't gallivanting in Italy....we missed you!)
Here we are with are with our loot! (Can you see my tiny baby pudge sticking out?) I spent a whole $14 for this stuff....which made me even happier.
Just another reason why fall is awesome. If we needed one...