Three So Far.

Well...her third birthday has come and gone. It's taking us by surprise how girly she seems lately and how baby she is not. We have whole conversations, she has opinions, and she is trying to be less dependent on us all the time.
On her actual birthday, we went out for ice cream, opened presents, and she wore this all day long:
Here's our Eadie-bug in the back yard before her "birthday dinner." It was a great night for lighting up the fire pit and tiki torches while eating soup & cornbread outside!
Dave piled the leaves high and the kids all jumped around in them for what seemed like a couple of hours.
I had asked her consistently since the beginning of summer or so what she might like on her birthday cake, and she always said grapes and candles. So grapes and candles it was....
Although the first three years are over, it really is so fun seeing her change...this was the first year she really anticipated and loved her birthday...easily pleased with cake and ice cream and a song. Love her. But enough about that....

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  1. Happy Birthday to your little girl! And happy three years to you! :)