Oh, Joy!

Eadie Cate is a pretty joyful kid. (Don't get me wrong...I have to remind her to "stop complaining" all the time!) She gets particular joy from hanging out on my bed, so I wasn't surprised when I walked downstairs this morning and found her by herself cuddled up on our little pillow. Happy as could be.

I'm having a joyful time myself today anticipating our Care Group (small group) meeting up again tonight for the first time since the summer break. We are discussing C.J. Mahaney's messages from the past couple of Sundays at our church on Jude. They were PACKED with encouragement for my soul...reminding me of God's graciousness in calling me out of my sin, His unfathomable love to me despite my sin, and His current call for me to make sure I'm believing in His love and care for me everyday.

What?! It all sounds too good to be true all over again. C.J. reminded us that the greatest sorrow we can cause the Father is to doubt His love for us. Really?! Isn't that amazing? I'm so thankful He saved me!

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  1. Hello there! I just happened across your blog and have to say, you have great style and our daughters could become good friends over a bowl of tomatoes. Thank you for the "Hope" poem. Beautiful and much needed.