Monday morning usually means lots of little messes around our place.
To me, they are signs of us just being together as a family, enjoying each other...without thinking about the house or routine....
And, for that reason, I love waking up to these messes at the beginning of the week.

Last night, to end the lovely-messy weekend, Dave and I caught a glimpse of the sunset out of the window and sat on the porch....taking self-portraits and saying things like "you know you're turning 30 soon when you completely let the Sufjan Stevens ticket sale pass you by" (after checking the SOLD OUT show).
I guess we are just way less cool than we use to be (completely kidding...we weren't cool!) as may be primarily evidenced by my totally hip sock-feet in this picture....

Happy Monday!


  1. You are totally still cool.

  2. your "little messes" on monday morning are so familiar!

  3. what a wonderfully adorable picture of you two!

  4. I love that picture of you guys. It will be one you will look back at one day and marvel at how young you are.