I have rediscovered my front porch. Its perfect for coffee drinking, praying, listening, looking. A whole small piece of Creation right outside my door.

EadieCate has been saying "Thank You" for everything. Always sincere and spontaneous. I love it:).

Dave has been gone to Oklahoma and we have missed him. He comes home at lunch today!

I've been reading "In Light of Eternity" (Randy Alcorn) and thinking more about heaven.

My friend Stacy (ya know, with the sewing shower) had her baby girl. Clara Louise. And she is marvelous.

Levi is still sleeping his days away and is happy as ever in between. I'm realizing some of that may change soon....having a one&three year old is already starting to look a bit different than a baby&two year old has been.

I've been thinking about how to be a better wife to my gift-of-a-husband.

EC talks about turning three and having a birthday party all of the time. Her birthday is in October. And I have no idea where she picked up the birthday thing. She also always says hilarious things like "your lion has to be healthy." and "14 dollars is all of your money." and "I got my connection computer."

I got to have a sewing night with one my best friends. We made pillow covers:). And ate cookies.

I'm realizing that summer is coming to an end and trying to figure out how to enjoy the last few days.

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