Animal Softies

I found a tutorial for this craft recently and decided to make these for Stacy's Shower (see previous post). I wish I could come up with ideas like this on my own, but I totally copied this from the Prudent Baby blog. You can find it here.

Essentially, you start off with a pack of printer-ready iron-on transfers, some white fabric, & some patterned fabric. (Oh, and some excellent bluegrass while the kids are sleeping makes the whole thing even more delightful!) You can find the images I used for free at the Graphics Fairy. After coloring the images in Microsoft Publisher, I printed them onto the iron-on transfers.
I then cut out the images ...
...and ironed them on the white fabric per the instructions. When they are on the cotton, you just cut around the image leaving a fair amount of space for sewing. Then place the images and patterned fabric right-sides-together and cut out the patterned fabric in line with the cotton.
After that, just sew up the edges (but don't forget to leave a hole to turn the images right-side-out like I did the first time....if i accomplish a whole sewing project without the use of a seam-ripper one day I'm pretty sure I will have a party).

After turning the fabric inside out, stuff it with poly-fill, and hand-sew the open edges closed.
Now you're all done! Wasn't that easy? And fun?
Hopefully Stacy's little lady will enjoy them....
I know someone else who would if I ever got around to making them again....


  1. I luuurve the softies and I'm sure you-know-who will too. They look so cute in her crib. Thanks, friend! -S

  2. I love them!
    I always have ideas to make the kids dolls and stuffed animals...and i even save scraps of cloth to do it.
    i made myself make some animals out of felt for the kids over christmas. they were just a wild mess while i made them. and they don't play with them. they sit pretty on a shelf. and when i gave er hers,..it was a cat...she looked at it..and said it was scary!! lol.
    but she does play with it now quite often too!
    i will def do this DIY project..maybe around the holidays. thanks for sharing!!