Sewing Shower.

Yesterday, I got to spend the afternoon hosting a shower for my friend Stacy. It was so fun to meet her family and anticipate her baby (who is due to arrive at the beginning of August, so I'm glad we got her shower in before her baby girl made an appearance). Stacy lives right around the corner from me, so selfishly I am just. thrilled. that she is about to be staying home everyday. She's going to have to kick me out of her house!!

Just so you know, Stacy is humble, loves Jesus, is a servant, and is an uber-talented homemaker. She is also hilarious and so creative. The "sewing" theme was to honor her mad sewing skills:).

Here are a few pics...

If you're interested, here's the menu:

Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole
Blue Cheese and Walnut Finger Sandwiches
Button Sugar Cookies (I ended up using store-bought dough and made cookie sandwiches w/ cream cheese icing)
Cheese and Crackers
Veggies and Ranch
Blueberry Lemonade


  1. That is such a cute theme for a baby shower. It's such a blessing to have a friend nearby that shares the love of homemaking and crafting.

  2. What a precious shower idea!!... and the menu sounds yummy too!

  3. So happy you posted this recipe for the casserole-it was delicious! And I think I ate 4 cookies-yummy!

  4. Laura, such a great job decorating! I love your house, it's full of whimsy and charm. Love the string of pictures and the old sewing machine!