Maui, Part Two.

In no particular order, here a some photos from our anniversary trip.....
I have the preface them by saying that being alone with my husband in Hawaii was as amazing as it sounds.....but that the whole time we were there we kept listening to this and reflecting on what it's like to enjoy creation and beauty and fellowship and romance as children brought into God's family by Christ's blood.  There is something about that that literally makes the sunsets more glorious, the food taste better, the conversations more seasoned.  Knowing that we are His, forgiven and free, made the experience of beauty humble us as objects of His love and care....and reminded us of how much better He is than anything we experience here in this world.  He is so good, come feast of famine.  And there is so much to look forward to....we are in the family of God.
 from our room....
 waiting for sunrise at the volcanic crater
oh, just hanging out above the cloud line.....still waiting....
 boom! (pretend like Dave's smiling too:)

 part of the crater

looking down toward the island....see all those windmills?
 i took a picture of this exact tree on our honeymoon...it still seems other-worldly to me.
We got to visit the memorial honoring Dave's Grandpa's Division!

Sugar cane.

 So maybe we did A LOT of this.

 sometimes just staring at cows in a field is good for the soul.

 driving the north shore.  

 yep, we did that.  
 post-twenty-something-mile downhill ride from the top of the volcano.  
the country side.

 gaaaaaaaaah, i love this man.

 reliving our honeymoon brunches....I have dreamed of this plate so many times.

....this picture is so majestic to me....how you can see the island extending under the water....and all the colors and layers....makes me feel tiny....and long for heaven.

And that was it....then home to the baaaaaaabies.  
they gave us hugs like we never had.  
i cried happy tears.
nothing beats coming home.

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