Hellooooo July.

The past couple of months have brought with them a huge urge for me to be out of the city.  When I stop to think about how little I ever see a two lane road shaded by trees in my daily life.....it feels a little crazy.  I am loooonging to give my kids a place to run without boundary and with no need to 'be quiet'.

Thankfully, the last week or so has been filled with opportunities to be outside. These were taken over the long weekend at Mt. St. Helen's & Sauvie Island.  I think 30-pounds-worth of berry-picking and four miles hiking around a volcanic crater fit the bill for my nature-craving. Throw in some good food, fireworks, and great friends......and it was a really nice weekend.

Can't wait for the rest of Julyyyyyyyyy!

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  1. These were some great pictures!! That is my kind of week!! It looks like the blueberries hit you guys earlier than ours this year--- our first trip is on Tuesday. On Wed. I find out boy or girls. I will let you know! Miss you guys!!!!