Tree Planting.

As of yesterday, we have lived in our current home for one whole year!  As things go, we had the opportunity to plant two maple trees last weekend with Portland's Friends of Trees program.  I'm pretty thrilled that these two trees will commemorate our 'first year' in this home and hopefully (if we don't kill them!), we can watch them grow for many years.  I can just picture the kids driving off to college under these trees...full-grown and boasting of color.  Time will tell....

Maybe soon I'll get out the camera and take some 'before & afters' of the house....
and write some more about the joy of making a home:).


  1. May I ask why Dave is in a hardhat? Is it an Oregon law: MUST WEAR HARDHAT TO PLANT SAPLING :)

    1. Ha! I have no idea!!! I'm sure it's a huge liability for the Friends of Trees program to have amateur tree planters helping out....

  2. Kids going off to college? I think sometimes in my mind that you'll be back in Knoxville at that point..I think: surely they'll come back. But I guess I need to continue to let this sink in...and need to always have a "Portland trip" savings jar. :) I miss y'all so so much.