Through the night of doubt and sorrow
Onward goes the pilgrim band,
Singing songs of expectation,
Marching to the promised land.
Clear before us through the darkness
Gleams and burns the guiding light;
Brother clasps the hand of brother,
Stepping fearless through the night.
-Bernard S. Ingemann

We fight not for ourselves alone.  
These are they -our brethren- the cloud wherewith we walk encompassed; 
it is for them that we wrestle through the long night; 
they count on the strength that we might bring them, if we so wrestle that we prevail.  
The morning that follows the night of our lonely trial would, if we be faithful, 
find us new men, with a new name of help, and of promise, and of comfort, 
in the memory of which others would endure bravely, and fight as we had fought.  
Oh! turn to God in fear, 
lest through hidden disloyalty we have not a cup of cold water 
to give those who turn to us for succor in their sore need!
-Henry Scott Holland

Some days are filled with a sense of waiting for things unseen.  No fruit on the vine.  Discouraging news of a friend.  Tragedy.  These quotes bring life to weary bones in the midst of a fallen world.....the remembrance that we are waiting for something REAL.  We are just pilgrims in a messy place.  To think that our song is one of expectation, and not of worldly sorrow and despair.  To think that my response is not disconnected from the faith and endurance of those around me.....

What mysteries surround the life of a believer.  What comfort that God is doing far, far more than we can know or imagine.  And what joy to sing a song of expectation.

Even so, Lord quickly come
Bring thy final harvest home.
Gather all thy people in
Free from sorrow, free from sin.

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