I feel so blessed for each of these years thus far....that I've never missed a meal, that I've always had my family, for the experience of rich and lasting friendship, for a grace-giving + thoughtful + assumes-the-best + generous husband, for my three precious kids I have the privilege of spending my days with, for a salvation that reaches 'far as the curse is found.'  My sin is large and all of this undeserved. Grace abounds.
 (Seattle celebration with my favorite man on the planet last weekend).
...and despite what my husband keeps reminding me of over and over (i.e. impending 'last days', gray hair, & the end of youth), I've got a gut feeling the best is yet to come.


  1. Just catching up on my blog reading. Love seeing these photos. It looks like an awesome trip. Happy Birthday friend! You are a blessed woman!