Watching this (over and over) has become a yearly tradition....

For an indie Christmas....Andrew Bird and Head & the Heart!

Here are two reads I've enjoyed about the holidays lately: Consider Skipping "Christmas Season" & The Season of Giving.

Also, I got an early birthday present over the weekend:

It is quick & quippy, but was a rich read for me.  I often feel a tug between the beauty, sheer delight & privilege of being a mom...and how just plain challenging it can be.  There is a whole series of old interviews with the author here, and this one addresses that topic so well.   It's my favorite....

Motherhood & Work: The Conservative Tendency to Over-romanticize Motherhood from Canon Wired on Vimeo.


  1. love that sweet Christmas video! Interesting video..I might just have to add that book to an already long list of books I want to read this coming year.

  2. I just finished reading Fit to Burst! I LOVED it. I love all the Wilsons. Have you read or listened to any of Nancy's stuff? She is great:)

  3. Also I love the way you decorate your house. Very warm and homey. It always inspires me to do the same.