This happened.

Last week, Eadie Cate began her second year of pre-school.  She really does look a little older, huh?  We chose to try a home-school co-op this year called Classical Conversations.  While I'm somewhat skittish about homeschooling, I'm excited to spend another year with my girl full-time. It will be nice to have some help in exposing her to lots of new ideas and keeping her challenged.  

Regardless, she was thrilled (un.der.state.ment.) to be putting her backpack on and going to 'school.'  


  1. she does look older...your book is on it's way. have fun with that latin :{

  2. Sweet! You will have to let me know how you like CC. I have *almost* decided that is what we are going to do when we move back to Memphis. I have a few friends that are doing it this year (with their preschoolers) and love it.

  3. How exciting! We are thinking of adding CC for us next year possibly... I really am enjoying what we're doing now! London is having her 5th birthday party this weekend. It is a "nature" party. I wish Eadie Cate could be there :( Still missing you guys....

  4. wow, she does look so much older! I miss you guys!