Yesterday was the first day of spring.
So far, spring has been filled with a couple of snow sessions.
But, in true-to-season-form, the bushes are budding. There are even daffodils. I feel like we are leap years behind the rest of the country....but the hope of spring is here. And I can appreciate that. (Even if most of the people I know elsewhere seem to be at the beach or running around in shorts.)

Life at our house has been filled with all things moving related. We closed about five weeks ago and have been busy spending evenings with a paintbrush, picking out lighting, filling boxes. Honestly, it's been so fun. Busy...but such a joy to get to be creative and transform this lovely old house....this place we'll call home as long as the Lord allows. I keep thinking this is the 'beginning of the end' of this transition filled year (at least from my limited perspective).

So, Saturday we move to the city.
We're gonna put down some roots.
See what spring-ish buds bloom in our little 'ole lives.
And pray for lots of fruit.
Just like that.

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  1. Best of luck in the move. I like the term "the beginning of the end" in terms of transition. I am awaiting ours.
    Exciting times ahead in the city, I'm sure. Can't wait to hear all about it here on the blog.