Friday Musings.

I don't have much energy to write today.....
there's so much happening around here....
so much I've been thinking about....
so much on the to-do list.

But life is good.
We've landed in the new house and now we're just trying to make a home out of it.
I love it. love, love it.
I might never leave:).

Everything is chaotic. Schedules are out the window & the kids are trying to adjust to a new place, sharing rooms, etc. It feels like 'normal' might never come back....
And yet I've been pondering how when these monumental life changes occur, enjoying the process and making good memories along the way is such a unique opportunity. It's not every day you move into the place you plan to raise your kids (or have a baby, or get married, etc.). It's so easy to want to skip this part and just have everything in it's place and a routine and the painting finished and the boxes put away. But I will look back and forget the to-do lists. I will remember the joy of playing hide and seek in boxes . They joy of creating our home. The joy of eating around our table together.

Easily said....harder to do.

I'm a weak mess. But He is strong. And His grace is sufficient.
Made perfect in my weakness.

Kind of mind-blowing when I come to think of it....what comfort.

Come ye needy, come and welcome;
God's free bounty glorify;
True belief and true repentance,
every grace that brings you nigh.
Without money, without money
Come to Jesus Christ and buy.

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  1. Stopped by to see how you were doing on here and stumbled on this post. What an encouragement! We actually sang this song in church this morning and it rang so true. Thank you for your thoughtful and relieving words, Laura.