Pinned (& Levi's Room).

Hi friends!

I pinned this mobile (sold here) a while back and made a version of it for Levi's room. It would have been nice of me to take some photos and give you a tutorial for it, but I'm not that organized lately:). Essentially, I just got some small leather pieces at the craft store, cut them into triangles, and sewed them together with my machine. I then tied everything around an embroidery hoop and added a couple of wooden beads I had lying around. It was a naptime project several weeks ago and it came together like a breeze! I'm sure it was less than $10 for everything, too....
One ironic sidenote....
I loved
the original picture not only because of the mobile, but because of the cute artwork in the background. A couple of weekends ago, I got to venture into the city and a friend introduced me to some great gift shops on Hawthorne. I happened to find that little racoon guy tucked away in the back of one shop....apparently done by a local artist! Portland is cool like that:). Can you spot him on the shelf?
Tomorrow the holidays begin!! My whole adult life I have spent this day packing and traveling....and today is a different story. It's just baking and prepping and watching cranberries pop in the pot. That's not to say I don't wish we were traveling to be with our family....because I do. But we're staying in Oregon for now.....visiting cousins and grandparents tomorrow....
and staying thankful.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Oh that is sooo creative and just. right. for a boy's room!! Love your blog! I'm following :) Thx for visiting me, too!