Portland is a city. For real.

I thought we lived pretty Knoxville-style-urban when we were there since we lived really close to the city center and spent lots of time down there.....but Portland feels sooooo different. People are bustling around at all hours. New neighborhoods and pockets worth exploring are at every turn. I'm sure the longer we live here the smaller it will seem, but for now it has been a little adventure every time we go up there (about a 15 min drive)....

We live in the 'burbs, but are attending church in the city and are constantly contemplating a move in that direction. It is exciting to think about, and yet so different from any context I've lived in before.
Anywho....the kids call it 'the city' every time we see the skyline, the trains, the river, the bridges. They love it. We spent some time in 'the city' last weekend while our friend from Tennessee was here visiting, and Dave took this shot of the kids. It is crazy to me that it may represent how they grow up....in this urban, bustling environment. Time will tell...

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