Moving to Portland

These last few weeks have been quite a whirlwind. I think my head is still spinning....spinning with newborn joy and awe and sleep-deprivation....and now spinning with nostalgia for life as we know it here in Tennessee and a new life to look forward to in Oregon. It's been a lot to take in, and I am so thankful for God's unchanging promises and for my rock-steady husband.

Long-story short (since I'm never good with the long versions...), Dave applied for a job in Portland, OR late last year that a co-worker showed him. It was an exact match for his skill set (he's a microbiologist), so he applied. Dave grew up outside of Portland and we've always said if we couldn't find something in the south one day, we'd consider moving out there. After a series of events, lots of prayer and great counsel, he got a job offer and we booked a flight out together to see the city and check out the church scene (a huge factor we wanted some solid encouragement about before we made the plunge).

It was a surreal and sort-of-sobering experience to visit a new city so far away without just being on vacation, but imagining a new life there. Everything is slowly sinking in for me and I've certainly had mixed emotions. I am so sad to leave what we have here in innumerable ways (our church, some very old friends, family in driving distance, fried green tomatoes & sweet potato fries, great fellowship and accountability, cousins for my kids, summertime heat and lightening bugs, casseroles & potlucks, swimming in the Great Smokies, thunderstorms, Asheville getaways, and 'y'all'-sayers.....to name a few).

And yet I see God at work. I do believe He is in this, and that His promises will remain true and that He is with us as we leave. I'm so thankful for a strong marriage that testifies of His grace and for these three sweet kids. I keep thinking about our wedding day...how I joined my life joyfully with Dave's...and how now that means following him to Portland with faith and hope for the future.
Dave accepted the job last week! The job is with a great company and is something he can keep for many years (Lord-willing) and progress in. We also had a great time visiting this church and meeting some great new folks there. We really felt the Lord's care in the many similarities between our church here and this one. It's much smaller and newer, but seems gospel-centered and sound! We felt at home worshiping there and felt welcomed by many all in one first visit!

And now we are back...busy enjoying the beginnings of a TN summer & raising three kids & prepping the house for the market.

I'm sure I'll be writing more about the process soon....thanks so much to many of you who have been great friends to us lately. Please pray for us if you think of it, for grace and mercy and peace to (continue to) abound!

...here goes nothin'.


  1. I am really excited for you and your family-- you guys are going to love it there! Vanessa said she had you over for dinner, and I am so glad. There are so many wonderful families at the Gathering :)

  2. saw your link from facebook - glad to catch up on all the news! what a beautiful family! just said a prayer for your move and adjustment -- and I loved reading the "southern" things you listed! so true :)
    - Kim (Deaux) Jones

  3. Ditto to the southern things listed! I have become pretty good at making my own sweet potato fries though. I will be praying for you all. I will be glad that you will be closer to me. ;) Sort of...

  4. We will miss us some Manns. :( Very excited for you at the same time, though.

  5. Laura!
    I had no idea you guys were moving! I'm sad and excited for you guys! I wish I still lived in Knoxville just so that I could say goodbye :)

  6. I'm behind, obviously on blog reading - stupid nursing school, he he - what an amazing journey you guys are about to take! cannot wait to follow this journey that takes you out of your comfort zone because I have no doubt as you lean more into Him, He'll continue to reveal and bless you along the way!