The First Days

Well, week two of June's little life has already begun and I'm currently surviving my first day alone with all three....
So far, so good. They are all in bed (for the moment, at least) and I'm feeling thankful for what definitely feels like a house-full of kids.

June seems to be getting off to the smoothest start of the three (already surviving her first massive hail storm...)
...and it's been so great having the help of my mom and mom-in-law this past week so I can spend a little extra time sitting and staring at her. Dave played "Isn't She Lovely" on the ride home from the birth center and I can't help but think the same thing each time I hold her.

Speaking of her daddy, here she is looking just like him...
Ok, back to life in a family of five. I may take a blogging break for a while....just to make sure I'm enjoying all the little nuances and adjustments that lie ahead in the next few days and weeks.

...And thanks so, so much for your comments and visits and phone calls....I am so grateful you would celebrate with us...


  1. Here I was thinking she probably looked like your mom whenshe was a baby....she looks sooo much like Dave! That is crazy!
    Love you lots!

  2. Congrats Laura! She is absolutely adorable. I just want to squeeze those cheeks!