Where Have I Been? and Baby Legs.

Whew. I've been "neglecting" the blog, I guess....but hopefully tending to higher priorities. I like keeping up with this little space, but I know I can't schedule life around it, so it's taken a back seat lately. What's been taking priority?

* Full-time kid-duty while my cool husband got to travel to Vienna and back in five days. I missed him dearly. And wished I was with him. And had lots of grace to stay home with our kids....God is faithful.

* Lots of panting like I'm out of breath from doing the simplest things. Like getting up for a drink. Because June is officially squashing my lungs. Among other things, I'm sure.

* Researching vans. Calling about vans. Going to look at vans. BUYING a van.....glad that is over:).

* Taking Levi to his 18 month check-up....the kid is still shy of 20 pounds, barely walking, mostly happy, and has a vocabulary of about three words:). Also took Eadie Cate to the dermatologist for a scratch on her face that won't heal. So sad....and nothing we can do about it, but wait it out and hope it fades over time. She's still my little beauty.

*Packing for a little time away with old friends.

*Watching my belly move with life. She's...getting...big....er.

*Date night with my man. Time to just sit. and talk. and be together.

*Processing sad news that our closest friends have decided to leave Knoxville....recounting our fellowship together, comfort level, trips we've taken, starting our families together, and thinking of things I thought were still ahead for us to do together.....I'm convinced it's all God's good Plan, but sad to think of it.

*Being giddy with excitement. My love for So Kno is stepped up now that we have a Chick-fil-a down the street.

*Not taking pictures. Our hard drive is still in limbo (two folks have looked and cannot fix it). I think it's still a little overwhelming to think of losing all that, so picking up the camera seems like a sad reminder. Gotta get back to that, though....

*And I made some "baby legs." I'm probably using a term that's copyrighted...but here's a little tutorial. Essentially, they are little leg warmers to throw on with a onesie or under a dress.

First, I found some old jersey material. This was an old dress of Eadie Cate's that was stained on the top.
Then, cut out two pieces. I used the side seams of the dress and cut through the front and back at the same time. You can see one cut out below.
After that, I flipped it around so that the right sides were faced together, and stitched up the side. I estimated the width, but I think they will work great, especially since the jersey is so forgiving.
I wish I could model them for ya on my little baby girl....soon enough.


  1. Busy days! Jealous of Dave getting to go to Vienna!
    love your baby legs. I made some for my first sewing project out of christmas socks...your look better than mine ;)

  2. wish i could be there this weekend with the "old friends" miss you horribly!

  3. from one mom to another who knows how good it feels to hear your babies are on the same page...our babies are on the same page. :)

    and one day they will be like 17 and running around, talking and weigh more than 20 pounds :)