Hello, Sunny and High of 60.

It's back to the old "point and shoot" camera for me this week....let's just say our real camera is a world traveler these days. Hopefully, he'll come back and show us something cool soon....

I went out on the front porch yesterday to sweep it off, and this little lady had put her boots on and ran out the door behind me in about ten seconds flat. She immediately just started running circles in our little front yard, so happy to be outdoors....saying things like "this is amazing, Mom."
She danced her way around the grass over and over (no music needed), so I had to capture her joy. It's pretty neat watching a three year old relish in the gift of a new season....
And then the sun reappeared today while both kids slept and I did this:
and underlined this:

God created the institution of marriage to proclaim the gospel. Out children are the first audience impacted. God wants our children to see our marriages, behold the beauty of the gospel, and be irresistibly attracted."

and this:

..."the Bible claims that it [the fear of the Lord] is the key to friendship with God (ps 25:14), the fruit of single-mindedness (ps. 86:11), the secret to wealth, riches and long life (prov 10:27; 22:4), and the key to the wisdom that builds families...the fear of the God is a fountain of life (prov. 14:27) that quenches the thirst of those who possess it. God makes lavish promises to the parents who learn to fear him."

And now the wee ones are up....G'day, friends.


  1. Love this part: "Our children are the first audience impacted."

    So very true, what a great reminder!

  2. love love that book. my fav parenting book as of now.
    enjoy it!