Thankful Thursday

I know you might be over the turkey and dressing by now, but man....this was so good. I definitely ate for two. Lots to be thankful for.
I didn't get a good picture, but I'm so thankful for this lady (and her husband). My grandparents hosted Thanksgiving, and it's the same as it has been since I was little. I'm so thankful I still have all my grandparents in good health and can enjoy their company during the holidays.
I can't let the week go by without expressing thanks for my great husband. I can't do it justice on a blog, but I'm so thankful for how this man serves me without growing weary, loves me at my best and worst with lots of grace, corrects & challenges me, sets an amazing example for me in many areas, cares for our kids incessantly....I can't imagine life without this man! And I'm thankful I don't have to:).
It was a happy thanksgiving:).
Hope yours was, too.

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