Day trip 2

Considering how often I stay home for the day, it's kind of ironic that we've taken two day trips lately.....nevertheless, after visiting Chattie on Thursday while Dave was traveling, we headed over to Dayton, TN when he got back this weekend to visit Wooden's Apple House. It was a beautiful, perfect day for apple dumplings and a drive on the back roads.

Our friend Rob came with us (a second year tradition we hope to continue), and when we noticed this irresistible field, he took some family photos for us. I love the pictures he took, especially considering the sun was high and our kids were grumpy.

Here's Rob with the grumpsters:
Happy Monday!


  1. LOVE the pics! And your little belly.

  2. very cute picture. very cute outfit.

  3. Holy Haircut! It's really cute. :)
    The grumpy kids are, too.

  4. wow...even when they're grumpy they are so very cute. your photos turned out amazing!!

  5. the real question is...where are those cute boots from?