Oh dee oh.

Have you heard of ohdeeoh.com? It's a division of apartmenttherapy.com and showcases real nurseries and kid rooms across the country (and world, I think). I have loved looking at their site for the past couple of years for ideas that are unique, thrifty, and a great mix of old and new.

I just found out that my friend and neighbor (Stacy) is FEATURED there, too, so go here to check it out:).


  1. laura...

    did you notice the article said knoxville, IL?

  2. i did:). i mean, who hasn't heard of KNOXVILLE? and who doesn't know its in TN?:). i guess that's what they meant...

  3. I keep neglecting my blog reading! Just found that you posted about this. Thanks :) And yeah, the IL thing kills me. I didn't bother correcting them.