Golly Good Tunes for Foot-tappin' & Lap-Slappin'

Well, my oh my. The ushering in of fall tends to fan into flame my love of bluegrass...and the banter of boy-girl vocals. It's all I'm listening to these days, which I'd like to hope is a little evidence that East Tennessee now resides in my bones....

I'd like to go sit on an EastTn hill, sippin' cider with my family, and be serenaded by any of these folks. Check 'em out.

(the everybodyfields)


  1. excited to steal all this cool music from you just like i stole all your cool music in high school:)

  2. Hey Lar - WOW now those are sideburns - Did you notice the portable typewriter in the chair? Now that's cool