Project 9.

You may have noticed the "craft hope" button in my side bar. I came across their site last year and have enjoyed keeping up with them a little bit. They organize mass craft projects to bless others. They are currently collecting colorful pillowcases for kids with terminal illnesses!

I really want to look for opportunities like this to teach Eadie Cate (and Levi later) about the different needs all around us. Nothing groundbreaking....but I'm hopeful that she will grow up loving to serve others and being others-minded.

I showed her the picture this morning of this little girl with her pillowcase and started explaining her situation and why we should think of giving her a pillowcase. I burst into tears momentarily and then she just looked at me with a blank stare. I don't think she gets it yet....but maybe after we actually make it and send it off.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about that:). You can find CraftHope here. And the pattern for pillowcases here.

(Does anybody know of anything else like this?)

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