Big Day.

Two people in our small group married each other this weekend! I am so excited to have another married couple in the group and it has been just. amazing. to watch God bring them together over the last year or so. They are such a godly couple!

Eadie Cate got to be the flower girl and Dave was in the wedding, too. It was a big honor for us to celebrate with them!

The Rehearsal dinner was a hoe-down. Eadie Cate just had so much fun the whole time....

Here are a few shots of her "special day," as she called it....


  1. Adorable. I love EC face in the Pic with Alex hiding his face. Sweet

    The Sagraves

  2. Her "special day." That is so sweet!!
    Of course she had fun-- it looks like she was with Alex the whole time!!

  3. What a special picture of Dave and EC-that will be a precious memory-beautiful!