Eleven Years + Eastern Oregon

Last month, Dave and I celebrated eleven years…..we spent a couple of nights in Bend, OR.  I took in my first sights of eastern Oregon, rugged and magnificent.
These little moments away, making a memory, taking a break to just be together….they are life-giving.  Being married to Dave is such a deep delight; I wouldn't even try to put words to it (at least not here).  But the work of marriage proves itself a reality in the midst of these busy days.
By God's grace, we keep sowing….and reaping. And watching these years add up is like watching art take form.  It's bigger than us….and if I think on it long enough, I just wonder why I get to be part of something so marvelous…and I come up short….but oh, so thankful.

Thanks for marrying me, Dave Mann.
I love you.

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