Four + Thirty-Three + Six

Hello, and welcome to this catch-up-i've-been-elsewhere post.

In the last few weeks, we've celebrated three of my favorite people!
Fiiiiiirst up was Levi.  Mr. Four. We had a little 'camping' party for him.  I think the longest stretch my kids go playing on their own is setting up elaborate 'campouts' upstairs.  I think he had a good time being celebrated and having some friends over.  We love this little guy!

Next up, this fine, wonderful, I-can't-believe-he-married-me man turned 33.  We went for a rare brunch date on a beautiful day.....
....and had dinner outside with friends.....
....and Dave had two friends.....Dave and Dave.....fly in all the way from TN to go to the Vols game together:).  

Then, on Sunday, Eadie Cate made it to 6.  Year five has been so awesome.  The sweetness, the cuddles, the maturing.  I so enjoyed celebrating this little lady.

So thankful these three. So undeserving of their presence in my life.  
So many times I fail to love them well; so often I am blessed by them in spite of myself.

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  1. Happy Birthday, everyone! :) I miss your beautiful family so much. Feeling weepy after this post. ha