Levi James Everett, today you are four.

These pictures capture you so well, buddy.
....an almost-constant state of motion.  Somehow, the past couple of months have ushered out my ever-cautious boy and replaced him with something all-together-different. I'm loving it.
Kisses have become 'gross.' (though I find my way around that one).
All sticks are weapons.
Beds and tables are for jumping off.
Pirates, and treasures, and Legos abound.

Somehow, though, while you become more daring....you are also becoming more compliant, more self-controlled.  It is a beautiful thing. 

And I'm so thankful, to spend my days with you, watching you navigate these early years and navigating them, in my own way, with you.

We all love you millions.
(Really. I do speak for all of us.  Because I hear your daddy talk about you; and I know how Eadie Cate feels so strange when you're not around; and I see how June lights up around you.)
Happy fourth, big man.

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